Monday, June 2, 2008

Well for my birthday crystaline and I took the kids to John and Marylin's cabin in ST. George Uath. It was really fun to get out of town and just relax a little. Here are a few pictures we took Ethan was so happy to get his compound bow!!! and i got a duch oven stand that i have wanted for a long time.


Robbie, Marsha & London Lueck. said...

Happy B-lated Birthday Boys!! Wish we were around to celebrate, looks like you had a blast. Love us!

kellib said...

HEY!! I love that you have a blog, so we can stay updated on your great family!! Hopefully I'll start one here soon! Love you guys Happy way b-lated bday!! love you and miss you tons!! can't wait to see you all in August!!